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Previous and current work

Olten secondary school

In 1978 I founded the Association of Music Schools in Solothurn. At that time there were only about 10 music schools in the canton. Today it is almost five times as much. I appointed Urs Morach (Lostorf) and Gerhard Vögeli (Hägendorf), both directors of the music school, to the board.

In addition to mutual support and advice from communities, we organized music school camps so that the students could practice playing in the orchestra. This also resulted in the Youth Chamber Orchestra of the Canton of Solothurn. I did four concert tours to Hungary, and the music school we were friends with, Dorog, was our guest here just as often. In 1991 I handed the presidency over to someone else and was honorary president for several years.

In 1978 I was chosen to be a teacher at the secondary school in Olten. Already 2 years later I took over the office of headmaster (principal). My predecessor Hans Hohler retired. I held this labour-intensive position for 20 years. For around 15 years I was also a teacher in the further education class (10th grade), together with my wife Margrit and my friend Kuno Blaser.

At times we ran 12 classes at the secondary school with over 300 students and around 40 teachers. My main task was to develop a mission statement for the school and to modernize it. Collaboration between teachers was strongly encouraged.

Personally, I mainly taught languages and music, but also mathematics and computer science.

When my daughter Rylana was thinking about starting a travel company (Namida Reisen) in 2022, I decided to found Taipa GmbH together with her and to run several subcontractors under this company name. One of them is the online gallery

Sokunst offers artists in the visual field the opportunity to present and sell works of art.

sokunst thus conveys works of art of all styles and  offers advice for authorities who deal with art in buildings, companies, collectors, buyers and anyone who has questions in the field of art. I am also happy to help arrange and/or sell estates.

In 1984 I founded the Oltner Cabaret Days society and subsequently organized 20 satirical festivals as President and Artistic Director. For the 10th Oltner Cabaret Days, I published this double CD with the most popular cabaret numbers on behalf of the society.  These are exclusively recordings of radio DRS 1 (studio Bern) and two other studios.

The recordings contain legendary skits such as a new version of "Europa-Union" (Elsie Attenhofer),  "Die Appen" (Cés Keiser), "Der Theater-donnerer" (Franz Hohler) , "Der Velowäg uf Worb" (Cabaret Schwäfelsüüri light) or "s Schlüsselbrättli" (Fredy Lienhard).

The double CD is currently sold out.

Also for the 20th Oltner Cabaret Days I was allowed to design a double CD, which was very well received. Almost 1000 copies were sold. Many outstanding numbers can be heard such as "Gurkerl" or "Gott calls" by Andreas Vitasek, " Einegeligi Rissnegeli" (Pfannestil Chammer Sexdeet), "s Füürwehdepot brännt" (Bluesmax), "Rheine" (Horst Evers), "Swiss be " (Franz Hohler) and many others.

There are probably only a few copies of this double CD left.


Coming up: My first novel. Knapp Verlag, Olten, ISBN 978-3-907334-10-2.
Clara was my wife's aunt. She went to America in 1913 as a 16-year-old girl to learn the English language. When she wanted to return a year later, the First World War had broken out and no more ships sailed to Europe for several years. She had to get by with odd jobs, was robbed and exploited. Eventually she found a boyfriend and faced the most difficult decision of her life: go back to her parents and siblings or get married and stay. She chose love. Another letter did not reach her loved ones until 1948, when she was already 51 years old. "I come back!" Not to stay because she had 4 children. But to celebrate Christmas with her parents one last time.

Das Buch "Nur für ein Jahr" gibt es auch in englischer Sprache unter dem Titel "Clara, the Swiss Miss".

Hardcover: Fr. 22.--.  Paperback Fr. 12.--

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